Best Playstation VR Games

Sony’s new PlayStation VR releasing this October has promising looks and technology with OLED display with latency low and 3D audio technology. Aiming to capture the gamers’ heart with the visor-style mounted head display; PS VR is set to embark a whole new perception in the range of virtual reality games. This is virtual reality’s best opportunity at success in the mainstream.

Best playstation vr games
Unlike the likes of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, it does not require sophisticated PC hardware or requires a costly mobile phones like that of Samsung’s Gear. When it comes to pricing, it is expected to be moderate giving the chance to become one of the cheapest gaming gadgets that can nail the VR experience. Seeking to go beyond imagination, PS VR is one of the most sought after gadgets in the gaming arena.

While everyone is waiting for PS VR, here is a list of games that is looked forward and going to be the most talked about.

1. Star Wars: Battlefront VR
Developer: EA DICE
Star Wars: Battlefront is one of the titles Sony has bought and has been making headlines in the gaming field. This is going to be an exclusive piece reserved for PS VR gamers. Based on the infamous Star Wars epic, this game is considered as a reboot to previously released games.
The irresistible combinations of Sony, EA and Disney are going to be one of a kind gaming experience in virtual reality space.

2. London Heist: Getaway
Developer: SCE London Studio
This first person action shooter game is exclusively made for the PS VR and one of the anticipated launch titles. The storyline remains vague as the game unravels on its own. From the demos and videos being circulated, the player is in a robbery gang and a number of tasks is assigned to him. The game is set in a first person perspective where the character is depicted by a pair of hands.

3. Super HyperCube
Developer: Kokoromi
Influenced by neon lights, motion graphics in the 80s and minimalist art called “Light and Space”, artists have created this floating space. The control over a pack of cubes is given in your hands as it flies towards a wall in the space with holes in the middle. The cube needs to be rotated to fit into the hole. It becomes exponentially much difficult to align the cluster with the forthcoming hole as the cluster grows to weird-shaped aggregations.

4. Final Fantasy XIV
Developer: Square Enix
The fantastical world is huge, detailed to perfection makes it one of the most interesting games in VR world. From the first-person viewpoint, the characters and environment looks superb with PlayStation VR headset. The gameplay is promising with excitement surrounding the battle keeping the orchestrated combats original. Shrugging away prefixed locales, the fantastic 3D world comes bewildering the player’s vision. One of the heaviest titles named, FFXIV is going to be ‘legendary’!

5. The Deep
Developer: Sony
Incarcerated in an underwater cage with the occasional visit of sharks to test the survival ability of the player, The Deep can’t be fully classified as a game. It is more than just a game. The immersive power of the virtual world is shown in this game.